Powell fitness training and exercise

Powell fitness training and exercise explained, Suralaya fires occurred around 15:30 pm. Transformer fire broke out in Unit 4 power plant and sparked disturbances in units 3, 6 and 7. Had been a blackout for a while, but at 17:00 pm, and was normal again.

Powell fitness training and exercise said the company had planned rolling blackouts earlier this evening at 18.00 pm due to supply electricity to the Java- Bali system is not enough, so it was forced to do a load reduction of about 500 mega watts ( MW ) distributed in Java.

“Java peak load approximately 21,000 MW. 19:15 pm At the end unit can be operated at 20:48 pm and 6 units in operation,”he said.

“PLN kekurangnyamanan apologize for this and please understand customers. Transformer that burned about 30 years old and actually PLN has also set up a replacement transformer. Transformer will soon be replaced with a new one,”said Bambang.

Suralaya consists of 7 units with a total capacity of 3,400 MW supplying the Java-Bali electricity system.